sprite edits

Game by G.M.Spectre.
UFGE engine by Trufenix.

Game Download

CLICK HERE to download Taken Tag Teams vs Fighting Street beta - December 2014 (Mediafire link)


Everyone knows the classic game VR Fighter vs Taken 2. I always wondered what would happen of the Taken characters faced the characters from the old Fighting Street game for the TurboGrafx 16 in a wild tag team crossover battle, so I made this.

But seriously folks

I've wanted to do something Tekken based for a while. Back in the day, I made a Kazuya for one of the old SFR games from the sprites of a pirate game. Later, I made a version of Anna and Jack-2 for my KOF 20xx project, but was dissapointed in the way they came out, so I never released them with the game. I've sat on it, then Street Fighter X Tekken come out and soon after I saw the Chuchoryu mugen characters. He eventually used the aforementioned sprite edits, and I was inspired to make a project. Other factors were the discovery of the VR Fighter vs Taken 2 and Tekken 3 Special pirate games for the 16 bit systems, and wanting to make a game based on the tag system. I did work around some of the bugs in the system with hit reactions. There is a bug where a character may come in and automatically keep jumping and can't be attacked. This is the reason I have not used tagging in any other of my games.

I consider this a beta game, and am not sure if I will continue this. There are some directions I want to go with this though.

For more info, check the "DVD commentary" text file in the main directory.


Press enter to select an opening menu item. These can be changed in options.

Player 1Player 2
UpUpNumpad 8
DownDownNumpad 5
LeftLeftNumpad 4
RightRightNumpad 6
Light PunchAInsert
Med PunchSHome
Hard PunchDPage Up
Light KickZDelete
Med KickXEnd
Hard KickCPage Down

Color Palletes

To choose the default color pallete, press Light Punch.

To choose color #2 press Medium Punch.

Pressing Start or any other button will select a random pallete.

Character properties/Universal moves

Here is a quick list of the basic universal character properties. I'd compare the game feel I'm going for a similar to Street Fighter Alpha and Darkstalkers.

All characters can chain attacks from light to heavy.

All characters can tag out by using both hard attacks. Doing this will cause the player to jump out while the new character will dash in and automatically attack when close..

Characters can block in the air.

Light juggling is possible, and a little looser than D Fighter.

Characters and dash or run forward and backwards by tapping twice in either direction.

Character List/Teams

Kazuya Heihachi

sprites by
sprites by
Paul Bruce

sprites by
edited by Chuchoryu
sprites by
Jack-2 P.Jack

sprites updated by
sprites updated by

Ryu Ken

Ryu color separation by
Phantom of the Server.
Chun-Li Cammy

Additional sprites
created by Felo Llop
Zangief Sagat

Game Pictures


If you play this please send thoughts, good or bad, to gm.spect@gmail.com. Enjoy!