sprite edits

* Game is not actually in HD

Game by G.M.Spectre.
UFGE engine by Trufenix.


CLICK HERE to download SFNinja - HD Remix (Mediafire link).


A long time ago in the mid 90's, I discovered SFIBM. It was a great PC alternative for people that didn't own a SNES at the time. A while later, I learned that it was possible to mess with the data files, and make some weird movesets. Then I discovered Jenn Dolari's SFJenn project, which placed Mileena and Kitana in the game. That led to me learning how to edit the graphics and making my own projects. I decided to make one with parody versions on MK ninjas, since that was becoming a running gag at the time with UMK3 just coming out. That led to other people discovering the game and some like Fenix making their own updated versions, SFR and UFGE. Making mods for these projects was fun.

So on an impulse, I went back to my SFNinja game, and wondered what I could do with what I know now and the resources I have access to online. So I decided to remake this game. At first I went for a retro style, but then decided to use the ninja edits by Sean Alty for his Capcom vs the World MUGEN project as well as editing the Blair Dame sprite set by Dampir. The menu graphics and backgrounds are still in the retro style using SNES graphics, and some fonts making reference to the original SFibm game. I then improved all that I could, such as the roster, move sets. I went for a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/Fatal Fury Special style with the added super moves. Damage is high but the power bar takes much longer to get to a level. I also took out the Street Fighter characters, and added the original "fab five" which I could now do since UFGE allows much more options with hit reactions. Finally, I redid the endings making them much less random, and having more mythology gags and references. In the end, I am happy with the end result and hope you enjoy it too.

Character List

Sub Zero Kitana Reptile Mileena Scorpion

Noob Saibot Sektor Ermac Cyrax Rain

Hydro Suni Skiz Alkohol Wind Inferno

Game Pictures

Thanks and Credits

Fenixware/UFGE Thanks to Trufenix for creating the UFGE engine and getting me started on this stuff over again. Visit the Fenixware page for the UFGE engine and other projects.
Llinrac Thanks to Llinrac for his help with backgrounds and moral support.
... Thanks to the others on the Fenixware boards and anyone who worked on SFR in the past.
Jenn Dolari's clikc-o-rama Thanks to Jenn Dolari creator of the original SFJenn game for SFibm. This game is a continuation what I wanted to accomplish back then with shoutous o the original SFibm projects.
Mortal Kombat online Posted cool articles on my SFninja and Ninja Syndrome projects
Scary Crayon Also posted cool articles about SFninja and SFJenn

Resource Credits

Sean Alty Capcom vs the World Ninja edits
Dampir easily editable Blair Dame sprites
Mortal Kombat Warehouse Mortal Kombat sprites