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Game by G.M.Spectre.
UFGE engine by Trufenix.


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What this is

After getting killed (again) in the last KOF tournament on December 29, 20xx, Geese Howard comes back to life (again) to find it taken over by other interests. Five days later on January 2, 20x2, Geese, along with Billy Kane and Mr Big, sets out to take it back. But who is the mysterious new owner of KOF? (Spoiler Alert: It's Rugal again)

This is my followup to my King of Fighters 20xx project. My main goal is to make as many characters as I possibly can (because I'm considering it may be). It will be released in 2 or 3 stages (when I finish 56 characters with no set teams, when I finish 72 characters with set teams and a storyline, and maybe a release if I finish 90 characters). The final plan for this is to have teams of three in story mode and various ways to select the style of play (single, tag, elimination). However, this beta version will just have a single mode with a generic story and ending for all characters.

I wanted to design the gameplay of the characters the way I wanted to. I use SNK style sprites with 6 button Capcom style gameplay mostly based on Capcom vs SNK 2. It's the same as all the other games I make, and it's a system that I'm used to. I'll be the first to admit that my characters aren't "arcade-perfect" and I do take a lot of shortcuts (especially with skipping frames). I also like to simplify the commands of moves like making a half circle motion into a quarter circle, or replacing double fireball super moves with an vs. style single fireball motion with 2 buttons. When I've tried to make characters with every frame, or a ton of moves, I've tended to lose interest and it doesn't feel like accomplishment as much as it feels like a roadblock. I just do this for fun, and there have been times where it hasn't been fun anymore. I'd compare a game like this to a slight step below a SNES translation. Not arcade perfect, but very playable.

Sprites for the edited characters will be released soon.

Character List (set teams)

Geese Howard Mr. Big Billy Kane

After getting killed (again) in the last KOF tournament on December 29, 20xx, Geese Howard comes back to life (again) to find it taken over by other interests. Five days later on January 2, 20x2, Geese, along with Billy Kane and Mr Big, he sets out to take it back.
Mr. Ryu Angry Ken Dan Hibiki

When Capcom wanted to create their team, they chose their flaghip fighting character Ryu, who had recently started to get an ego problem since the success of Street Fighter IV. They also chose, Ken who had also been angry that the last crossover he was in was SNK vs Capcom Chaos. Their mistake was getting Dan to sign up the team, since he put himself as the third member of the team as opposed to their plan of Akuma.

"Wild Wolf"
Terry Bogard
Andy Bogard
Joe Higashi

Hearing that Geese Howard returned to life (again), the trio of Garou vowed to fight him (again). Also, when Terry saw a vision of his future self in Maximum Impact and KOF 20xx he thought the look was so cool, that he went to a store and bought himself a new jacket. Andy wanted to become a ninja because ninjas are cool. As for Joe, he has not had a major change in his fighting or personality as of yet.
"Mr. Karate II"
Ryo Sakazaki
Robert from
King of Fighters
"Mr. Karate"
Takuma Sakazaki

As with Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki saw a glimpse of his future self, and decided to take his Kyokugen technique seriously to honor his father. However, Takuma Sakazaki flipped out and still insists on calling himself Mr. Karate, turning the Art of Fighting legacy into a big goofy running gag. Meanwhile, Robert Garcia has been very lax in his techniques and spends his time going to clubs, where he impresses people with his kicks who recognize him as Robert Garcia from King of Fighters.

Mai Shiranui Yuri Sakazaki King

The womens team is invited by the KOF organizers who fear that a roster with no Mai Shiranui would lead to no buys for event tickets. Mai Shiranui suggests that they could use their experiences in the tournament to create a script for a movie that would be better than past efforts.
Chun Li Sakura

In a strictly public relations move, Capcom created their own womens team to counter the one by SNK. It may be one of the only attempt at public relations that will work for Capcom, because it doesn't involve DLC...yet.

Vanessa Captain
Micheal Max

Captain Falcon, master of the Falcon Punch, decided to create his own team with Vanessa and Micheal Max. All three fighters have all mastered the art of boxing. Even though their styles are different, they feel that their combined power can take out any team.
Fio Germi John Crawley Ralf Jones

After the King of Fighters 20x2 tournament, there was a problem. Leona, along with Iori, had succumbed to the Orochi Riot of the Blood. And with the resurgence of several Orochi fighters, Fio decided to take action. Teaming with Ralf Jones and the renegade soldier John Crawley, she joins the tournament to investigate.

Hwa Jai "Cool"
Choi Bounge
Chang Kohean

Choi Bounge and Chang Kohean were two escaped criminals caught by Kim Kaphwan. Instead of handing them to the authorities, he decided to reform them himself. In a way it worked, since Chang and Choi were able to get in shape and improve their fighting skills. However, in a more important way, it didn't work since they were still evil and were now able to commit their crimes and easily escape from the police. They decided to join up with Hwa Jai, another former "student" of Kim, and commit crimes in Kim Kaphwans name just to be jerks about it.
Ray McDougal Makoto
Bad Dude

Ten years ago, Capcom sued Data East for releasing a versus fighting game which they claimed was too similar to their own Street Fighter II. Now the Fighters History warriors are out for revenge. They're also mad at SNK because they wanted to be in a King of Fighters game, but only Mizoguchi was allowed. Joining them is fellow Data East employee, Bad Dude. He is the legendary fighter who once saved president Reagan from evil Ninjas. He has his own issue with the Double Dragons he needs to get settled.

Mario Megaman Ryu Hayabusa

In recent years Mario has been rescuing the Mushroom Kingdom over and over again. He has even got some of his old Nintendo friends to cross over to help him out. One of them is Megaman, the horrific man machine hybrid from the future. The other is Ryu Hayabusa, a veteran of the Dead or Alive tournaments. He joins Mario because he just wanted to be in a tournament where he wasn't overshadowed by boobs.
Dr. Ivo
The King
of Hyrule

After an argument with Mario about his football, Luigi decided that he was sick of Mario and decided to join in newest King of Fighters with his new friends, The King of Hyrule and Dr. Robotnik. The fighting style of these three is so chaotic, one wonders if their style is intentional, or just a random mashup of techniques.

Vice Mature Shermie

After they came back to life in spiritual form, Mature and Vice set on gaining back control of the Orochi Power. They contacted Shermie and Yashiro who had also came back to life (as was the trend these days), and suggested that they send two teams in the new tournament. Shermie made the suggestion that she would team with Mature and Vice while Yashiro would control his own team. In reality Shermie was still mad at Yashiro for sacrificing the whole New Face team to revive Orochi in 1997. Many people in the music industry said it was the worst publicity stunt ever done by a band.
Iori Yagami
"Riot" Leona

In his quest to gain back the power of Orochi, Yashiro sends 2 teams to enter the tournament. After the last tournament in 20xx, the Riot of the Blood consumed Iori Yagami and Leona. Yashiro found them easy to control, and registered them in his team. However, how long can he control them and what happens when he does lose control.

Character List (incomplete teams)

??????? ?????? BACKUP PLAN
Kyo Kusanagi ????? ?????

Morshu the
????? ?????

Billy Lee Jimmy Lee ?????

Abobo Linda ?????

Mr. Unknown Kasumi Todo ?????

Raiden Red Dragon ?????

Gum Segata

Kyo-14 K9999 ?????

Game Pictures


Youtube Previews

Character Teaser

Billy Kane/Mr Big vs Ninja Andy/Robert from KOF

Ray McDougal vs Makoto Mizoguchi

Micheal Max vs Hwa Jai

Character Preview: Capcom Women's Team

Character Preview: Bad Dude

Character Preview: Gum

Character Preview: Ryu Hayabusa

Character Preview: Mr. Ryu

Character Preview: Angry Ken

Character Preview: Morshu the Shopkeeper

Thanks and Credits

Fenixware/UFGE Thanks to Trufenix for creating the UFGE engine and getting me started on this stuff over again. Visit the Fenixware page for the UFGE engine and other projects.
Llinrac Thanks to Llinrac for his help with backgrounds and moral support.
... Thanks to the others on the Fenixware boards and anyone who worked on SFR in the past.
Jenn Dolari's clikc-o-rama Thanks to Jenn Dolari for the original SFJenn game for SFibm.

Resource Credits

Mugenguild permission thread The thread on Mugen Fighters Guild that defined which characters are safe to use as open source.
VF's Ryu edited sprite sheet Extra attack graphics for Ryu. I recolored and used the ones for the missing close attacks from SF2.
Random select. Hosts Mouser's older characters defined as open source in the Mugen Fighters guild thread. (used for Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki, K9999, "Sub Boss 1", and "Boss 2")
Sabre Zero permission. Defines Sabre Zero by ZSabre as an open source character.
Mario fan games galaxy. Has several Smash Brothers Brawl sound packs. (used for Mario)
Mugen China resources. Has a huge amount of resources including every sprite set for KOF XI and NGBC. (used for Mai Shiranui, King, Neinhalt Sieger (for Abobo), Annie Hamilton (for Linda), Vanessa, and "Boss 1")
Mugen China website. The creations by Misamu K Young and Mr S. based on the KOF strikers are hosted here. (used for Cool Choi, Smart Chang, Fio Germi, Hwa Jai, Joe Higashi, Todo/Unknown, Ray McDougal, and Duke (for Bad Dude))
The Sprite Database. Tons of sprite sheets (used for Leona)
MugenJin. Has several open source characters (used for Kyo Kusanagi, Kyo-14, Iori Yagami, and Rugal)
Don Drago's mugen characters. Has several open source characters (used for Ryu, Ken and Takuma's sprites)
IronMugen/CCI characters (Offline) Defined as open source (used for Kasumi, Robert, Mature and Shermie)
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CvS sounds. A Mugen Fighters Guild post that has a link to all the CvS sound rips.
Pao De Mugen. The open source KOF MI sounds that I used for several characters.
Weird Fist of the North Star Mario comic. I used this for a vs. picture and inspiration for future characters.
Fighters Generation. Tons of vs. pics.
Illmosis. Some artwork used for vs pics.
KOFE project. Has the Raiden and Ralf characters w/ edits used for sprites and sounds.
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The Nebula Page. Rest came from gool ol' Kawaks and Jukebox!.