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Game by G.M.Spectre.
UFGE engine by Trufenix.


CLICK HERE to download Super Real Fighter - version 2.0 (Mediafire link).


It was the year 1996. Shao Khan had failed to take over the Earth, but Quan Chi had not started to conspire with Shinnok. The timeline had been drastically changing. You see in the far future, Raiden realized how much he screwed up Mortal Kombat. He created a plan to send messages back to his younger self and fix everything. He screwed that up too. So he decided to keep going back until he gets it right. Meanwhile, there was an incident where in the time of Mortal Kombat 2, Mileena and Kitana have discovered that there are many other real fighters around the world. A mysterious being had heard of this, and decided to start a side tournament where the winner would be granted whatever he wished. It would cause a huge clustermess to decide who the true real fighter would be.

What this is

After I expermineted with the Street Fighter: The Movie game sprites from http://sprite-ripper.narod.ru/sprites.html and http://www.mortalkombatwarehouse.com/ , I was on a roll. I started converting all the characters I could from my old projects. After being inspired by the SF vs Tekken trailer, I decided to make a game out of it, and am actually further along than implied here. My goal was to make as many characters I wanted to in the "real" style. I also wanted this to be a tribute/parody of the many 90's games, as seen in the storyline (in a later release). I wanted to use the Ninja Syndrome style of hit reaction, meaning that juggling would be a bit looser than some other of my games.

Using the Tatoo Assassians and Survival Arts sprites available is one of my main goals. I basically want to use whatever resources I can get my hands on.

One thing I don't want to do is make this another Ninja Syndrome (even though this is a spiritual sequel to that game), so I am keeping the pallette swaps to a minimum. This is actually one reason why I am using Sub Zero's MK1 sprite even though he has his MK2 moves from Ninja Syndrome.

Another reason I used his MK1 sprites is because I wanted to experiment with how the sprites from MK1, MK2, and UMK3 looked in gameplay. One thing I am noticing is that there is a slightly notable size difference with the UMK3 sprites compared to the SFTM, MK1 and MK2 sprites. I'm debating whether I want to use the MK3 sprites more often, which would be useful for making Street Fighter gameplay where the various close combo hits would be individual attacks as well as having good dashing animations. However, when given the choice, I feel that the MK1 and MK2 sprites look better sizewise.

Another thing I am being careful about is that this doesn't look too much like a bad Mugen MK compilation with an abundance of overpowered characters and clones. I think I am being successful so far. However there are some edits I have seen out there I may ask for in the future (Quan Chi, Kenshi etc). However those aren't in the current plans right now.

Since my first release, I have discovered many more games using digitized graphics and techniques that make ripping easier. This had made the game roster more expansive than I have originally imagined.

Character List

Ryu Chun Li Guile Sagat

Ken Cammy Zangief

New Characters for v1.5
Sawada M.Bison

New Characters for Super
E.Honda Balrog

Liu Kang Sonya Blade Sub Zero Mileena

Johnny Cage Scorpion Goro

New Characters for v1.5
Kitana Shao Kahn

New Characters for Super
Raiden Sindel Kano

Kintaro Sheeva Motaro

Viper Hanna Mongo

New Characters for v1.5
Hiryu Tasha Gunner Kane Santana

A.C.Current Truck Davis Karla Keller

New Characters for v1.5
Billy Two Moons Takara Hata Hannah Hart Luke Cord Derek O'Toole

New Characters for v1.5
Ty Kato Conner Masked Warrior

New Characters for Super
Buzz Angel

New Characters for v1.5
Albiole Deathmask

New Characters for v1.5
Nina Carmilla

New Characters for Super
Kinshiro Shishimaru

New Characters for Super
Sara Lucinda

Game Pictures

Youtube Previews

Ryu, Chun-Li, Sagat, Guile preview Liu Kang, Mileena, Sonya, Sub-Zero preview Viper, Hanna, Mongo preview
Truck, Karla, A.C. preview Ken, Cage, Cammy, Scorpion, Zangief, Goro preview Sawada, Ty, O'Toole, Carmilla, Shao Kahn, Gunner, Albiole preview
Takara, Hannah, Luke, Two Moons preview Tasha, Hiryu, Santana, Kane preview Kato, Conner, Masked Warrior preview
Raiden, Kano, Sheeva, Sindel, Kintaro, Motaro preview Honda, Balrog, Buzz, Angel, Kinshiro, Shishimaru, Sara, Lucinda preview Intro Vignette (cut out of final game)

Thanks and Credits

Fenixware/UFGE Thanks to Trufenix for creating the UFGE engine and getting me started on this stuff over again. Visit the Fenixware page for the UFGE engine and other projects.
Llinrac Thanks to Llinrac for his help with backgrounds and moral support.
... Thanks to the others on the Fenixware boards and anyone who worked on SFR in the past.
Jenn Dolari's clikc-o-rama Thanks to Jenn Dolari creator of the original SFJenn game for SFibm. This game is the culmination of all I wanted to accomplish back then. Note that Mileena and Kitana are the only pallette swaps. This is a direct reference to SFJenn.

Resource Credits

Mortal Kombat Mugen Works; Fly MK1-MKT complete sprite rip
Dorgol Pit Fighter/Guardians of the Hood backgrounds
Dr.Kelexo Albiole, Deathmask sprites
DXWho Ty, Kato, Masked Warrior, sprites/sounds, Catfight sprites, Survival Arts backgrounds
MelvanaInChains Battle Monsters/Survival Arts sounds
Sakuraka Carmilla, Nina sprites/sounds
Sprite Ripper Street Fighter, Survival Arts, and Tattoo Assassains sprites.
Mortal Kombat Warehouse Mortal Kombat sprites.
Mugen Fighters Guild Forum (shared sounds) Mortal Kombat sounds
Just No Point Guilty Gear sprites
FoxM1 player Assorted Sounds and Music
N. Sprite/Sound ripping codes for MAME
NGI Sara sprites/sounds